General Topics

Q: Do you charge postage and packing? Are there any additional costs apart from the cost of the game?
A: Our games are sold as Internet download. You do not have to pay any shipping or other additional costs.

Q: Is the download a resumable download? Or if my computer crashes while downloading, can I start it again?
A: Yes, the links can be resumed.

Q: How come your games aren’t sold in stores?
A: We want our customers to test the demos before they decide to purchase our games. This way we are sure that our customers are satisfied and have a good feeling when they buy from Mad Data.

Billing & Order Processing

Q: If I decide to purchase how will I receive the download link?
A: If you purchase online you will receive a registration email letter promptly after your credit card information has been verified. The e-mail will contain download link for the full version of the game you ordered.

Q: Is it safe to purchase online?
A: We use BMT Micro to process your orders. They are a leader in online stores, delivering reliable and safe online transactions. With today’s SSL technology, ordering online is just as safe as buying something in a store.